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“I’m Sarah-Jayne Astral and I help business owners generate more leads, convert more clients and develop their business using my smart but simple system that really works!”

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The Leads to Sales Accelerator programme is designed for business owners who are amazing at what they do, but need more quality leads and to be able to consistently convert those leads into clients.

The programme takes you step by step through the actual process that I teach my clients to grow their business day after day.

What you get when you work with me

I work with you 121 to teach you you how to generate quality leads time after time and how to systemise the process of prospecting so that you have new leads coming in constantly. 

I also use my 25 years plus of sales and business experience to show you the proven techniques to convert those leads into sales, grow your business and achieve your goals

It’s a complete end to end process that you can start today!

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Take your Business to the Next Level

*Generate more quality leads

*Convert more prospects into clients

*Achieve more revenue for your business

*Implement a system to grow your business

Real reviews from real people

“When we were due to start our new outbound campaign we had no idea where to start… Sarah was fantastic. She sat us down and listened to our goals and also who we are as people. She then delivered a strategy and training which was tailored for our business. I often feel training is just an excuse for someone to tell you how to do something. However, this was a very different process, instead it was about showing us how we can achieve what we want, can’t recommend highly enough.”

Mark Swann MD – Service Central


“I contacted Sarah as we needed more sales to try and get new contracts, the system was fantastic, she has been amazing and her system really works so if you want to know how to sell more then I would absolutely recommend Sarah.”

Wayne Isaacs MD – Isaacs Traffic Management


“Just had a brill education on how to get the meetings I want, how best to manage then and how to manage my prospects, Thank you Sarah-Jayne Astral – total genius!”

Kelly Devlin


“Thank you so much Sarah-Jayne Astral for the brilliant coaching I received for my festival, such considered well thought out “thinking outside of the box solutions”. You are amazing! Thank you from all at Kaya- Festival of World Music and Arts.”

Thabani Nyoni – Festival Organiser


“Had a great strategy session with Sarah-Jayne this week, I have a proposition for a new service but wasn’t entirely sure on the best way to approach it. We discussed a great model for “cold Calling” we I can blend new techniques I am comfortable with alongside putting in a “warmer cold call” to highly targeted prospects. In just an hour, I’ve got a model of how to address my audience and everything I need to go forward with a launch. I felt Sarah-Jayne understood my dilemma.”

Rachel Allen – CEO – Making Business Social


In under an hour Sarah helped set me up with my sales process going forward. It was super fun and highly effective.”

Brit Minichiello – Bespoke Medical Affairs Solutions LLC


Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me find an easy process for managing something that seemed so hard and making it seem like a walk in the park.”

Nova Cobban


“Sarah-Jayne gave me some amazing techniques and by using the techniques she gave me, I am on the road to success and have already booked appointments with potential clients. If you need help with your VA service, get in touch with Sarah-Jayne, I promise it’s worth it.”

Shae Gerlds – Founder Virtual Assistant Service”.

A fabulous client video testimonial from another lovely client after attending a recent sales session.