If you are trying to promote your services then there is a good chance you have had at least one person who said it’s not for them, I know I have!

It happens to everyone, you have a good chat with your potential client and perhaps they seemed really interested in what you offer but then when you asked them to sign up they decided it wasn’t for them.

There can be many reasons for this and as much as you try and qualify each prospect there are occasions where one will slip through the net, they sound really keen at first, they were eager to know what the outcome would be and what work they may need to put in to get the results you promise.

But then it comes to the crunch and even after you handled all their objections they just decided they didn’t want to go ahead and there is nothing you can do but accept their decision

It can knock your confidence, it can leave you feeling deflated and it can make you feel like no one wants to buy what you sell

But realistically it’s just a part of the sales process, there will always be someone who doesn’t want what you offer, perhaps they just decided now isn’t the right time or maybe they want to go in a different direction

Whatever the reason it will happen and my advice is to welcome it

When it first happens it hurts and you question everything,

🔹Was I not good enough

🔹What didn’t they like

🔹What did I say to put them off etc

You can spend time worrying about what happened, dwell on it and get really down about it

Or recognise that it will happen, and it could happen many times over

Generally most types of selling comes with an element of rejection, there will always be someone that looks keen initially but then chooses not to follow through with the purchase

But to stay the course you have to be able to take the knock backs

Roll with the punches and get back up and get on with it 

Whilst it’s good to analyse your calls and see where you can improve, it does you no good to dwell on those clients that didn’t buy from you

So before you get down beat about customers saying no to you, just remember every no is once step closer to a yes 

Take the knock backs, learn form them, then move on 

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“My name is Sarah-Jayne Astral founder of the Leads to Sales Accelerator which was created for business owners who are amazing at what they do but need more clients.

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But that’s not all, from there I show you how to put the right systems in place that will allow you time to do what you’re good at – delivering an excellent service – whilst knowing you have a consistent flow of prospects and a solid revenue stream”

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