There are generally two reasons that a customer buys a product or service

A. They want it – this works on the principle of desire, the customer has visualised having this item in their life and how it will make them feel

B. The need it – this is something that the client feels they can’t do without and will make their business, life, etc better

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Get clear on what you offer

In both cases the potential client should be able to see the value in the service or product on offer and be ready to buy

Making sure that your audience fully understand what you offer and who it is for is key to a successful sale

Time and time again I have looked at a website when working with a client and it looks messy and isn’t clear who the service is aimed at, so being clear on what you offer and who you offer it to is the first step in making sales

Make it easy to buy from you

Another element of making more sales is to make the buying process easy for your client

Customers now have so any options of where to purchase their services, so if the process of making a purchase isn’t a smooth one, they may look to your competitors to provide what they want or need instead.

A smooth buying process can be the deciding factor for a client who is ready to buy

An example of making it easy!

People use Amazon everyday because it is easy to find what they need or want, easy to pay and generally delivered fast too 

Most of us have used the Amazon service and seen or used the buy now button that immediately places that order and takes your payment before you can blink and customers love it

Within seconds the payment is made then it’s just a case of waiting for the item to appear, often people will even pay more for an item rather than shop elsewhere purely because they can place an order quickly

Amazon is a great example of making a purchase as easy as it can be, it’s their focus on making the buying process as smooth as possible that has really set them apart

Hassle when paying loses customers

Most of us have had an experience of trying to buy something from a website where the payment option seems complicated, or doesn’t load very quickly and it can be easy to leave the purchase in the cart and move on to another website that operates a smooth payment service

There are plenty of cases even in supermarkets where the ques at the till are moving so slowly that it’s caused one or two customers to ditch their full shopping baskets and leave the store only to shop elsewhere

Added hassle at the point of payment can lose potential customers for good

Once a customer has struggled to navigate a website, add their items to the shopping cart or use a payment system that is complicated they tend to leave that website and move on to a competitor who can take their money with no hassle

This is true for most types of purchases, unless the item can’t be bought elsewhere, generally if making payment takes too long or is difficult then many people will just leave and buy from a competitor instead

There are countless times that business owners find customers are getting to the shopping cart with their goods or services and not completing the payment and an element of this can be that they found the process to slow or complicated

Speed it up to make more sales

Things have changed in the world and everyone wants quick service so if the website doesn’t take payment quickly or there is a que at the till in the shop, it can create a frustration at the point of making a purchase

If you sell a service or product then think about how fast you can make it available to your client, it can be the difference between making the sale or not

Paying attention to how streamlined your buying process is can really help convert more clients and help take your business to the next level, the easier it is to make a purchase then the more likely the client is to spend money and return time and time again for ongoing offers and services

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