One thing that many business owners overlook is using their CRM (customer relationship management tool) effectively,



A CRM is the place that you keep all your records of calls and emails with prospects and clients and where you keep track of tasks relating to each listing such as sending proposals,contracts, invoices and other important information.

Are you using your CRM effectively

Your CRM also acts as a diary that you use to add daily tasks to follow up with prospects and keep in touch with clients.


You can connect most CRM’s to your emails too so you will have a record of the last email you sent to a prospect or client to hand rather than hunting back over old emails trying to locate the email you need.

You can also add tags to help you group together different types of listings too.


Having your CRM organised and up to date can make all the difference to your sales strategy.

It’s all too easy to forget the details of an important conversation you had with a prospect or the date you agreed to follow up with someone, then before you know it you didn’t get back to a prospect or client and now you feel uncomfortable getting in touch again because it’s been too long.

By keeping your CRM up to date and checking the diary regularly you can make sure you keep your promises to follow up with your prospects and clients when you say you will.


Keeping your CRM up to date can be time consuming though and when you’re busy it can be easy to want to put off adding the notes and details after a call till later, but there is a way to deal with this.

If you haven’t got time after a call to update your CRM notes, add your tags, create a follow up reminder etc, then you can try using a voice recorder instead.

As soon as you come off the call take just a couple of minutes to use a voice recorder app and record the name of the client and a brief description of the conversation, along with any important facts.

Using this method can be even quicker than jotting down notes and you can do it pretty well anywhere, so if you have just finished a call and need to grab a cuppa or get onto the next call, you can quickly voice record your notes then add them to the CRM when you’re ready.


A fully optimised CRM can be a game changer

When your adding reminders to your CRM it doesn’t have to be just for follow up calls or emails, you can add a reminder to the customers file for your own use too.

For example to remind yourself to draught a contract for a new prospect, or produce invoices for clients or similar tasks that need to be done and on most CRM’s you can attach files, links and graphics if needed too.

You can also use your CRM to mark significant dates such as clients birthdays if you know them, so you can wish them well and it’s yet another reason to keep in touch and remind them of your services.

There is a calendar on a CRM for you to diarise your tasks for each day such as calls, emails or similar and each day you can view any up coming tasks when they are due which will help you plan your day.


Always check your data is up to date.

If you are speaking to any prospects that you haven’t spoken to for a while, make sure that you confirm their details whilst your on the call, lots of people move house, or change the name of their business or email address and forget to tell you so take a second just to confirm with them that their details are still the same.

Most CRM’s give you options to create funnels and create reports etc which can be useful for you to see which prospects are close to buying from you.

You can use your CRM to add tasks to other people, which is great if you run a team of sales reps, but can also work well if you work with a VA or have an assistant and need to be able to task jobs to them too.


Take a look at your CRM if you are using one,

Is it up to date, is it organised, have you got all of your follow up calls and emails logged?

Can it record when you sent an email to a client and do you use tags if they are available?

Have you diarised all your follow ups with both prospects and clients?



What to do if you don’t have CRM software.

Don’t panic you don’t need to have an all singing, all dancing CRM.

If you are just starting out and want to keep a track of your calls and clients there are quite a few video’s on the internet that will show you how to create a basic CRM from just an excel spreadsheet, you can then make this as detailed as you like, so have fun creating one that works for you.

My advice though is no matter how small your business is right now, even if it is day one, start keeping a track of your customers details. 

It’s amazing how quickly this becomes habit, but if you don’t do it you can suddenly find you have lost track of who to contact, when and about what??? 

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