Generating new leads and converting new prospects is a never ending journey for business owners

No sooner have you signed someone up and then you have to be on to the next person, constantly thinking of ways to get your services in from of your ideal client

Whether your are marketing online or offline the pressure is the same, finding new customers and converting them can take up so much focus that it’s easy to neglect a source of revenue most people don’t tend to think of

Ex clients

It’s obvious when you know where to look!

A great place to find untapped revenue is from your customers who have already bought from you.

As much as there should be a strong emphasis on generating new leads, there is a lot to be said for nurturing past clients too

Previous clients are people who have already spent money with you for a service you have provided and if you gave them great value and and the outcome you promised then they could very well be interested in anything else you have to offer

So keep in touch with your ex clients remind then of who you are and what you offer, let them know of any new products or services you have available or coming soon that could be of interest to them and give them the opportunity to make yet another purchase

There are many ways to keep in touch with past and present clients and whether you send them an email a message or just give them a call will depend on the relationship you’ve had with them and how you want to approach them if you haven’t been in touch for a while


Why don’t people keep in touch with past clients?

Getting in touch with someone you haven’t had contact with for some time can feel really awkward, it feels like starting with them all over again and if it’s been a really long time since you’ve been in touch then you may well have to begin again

But if you haven’t contacted them for a while then you have no idea of your past clients current situation and your services may be just what they need right now!

You haven’t got to contact them week after week and it may be that you drop them a line in an email every few months or so but just keep in touch and make sure you’re the one that’s at the forefront of their minds should they need your services


Don’t lose touch with them

Not only could past clients be interested in any new products or services you offer but they are also an advocate for your services and when you keep in touch it reminds them of what you offer, even if they don’t need it themselves they may know someone who does

Past clients can be a great source of referrals as they have already experienced your service and can provide testimonials to anyone they know that’s looking for the service you offer

Dig out your list of past clients who have used your services and get back in touch


You’ve got nothing to lose

Make sure your approach isn’t salesy, past clients want to know that you are interested in them still and don’t want to be pitched too, so keep your approach light and friendly ask how they have been, let them know about any new offers you have and remind them of the services you provide should they need you again

Depending on your service and if this suits your business you can also use this opportunity to introduce a gift or discount to your past client if they refer you to someone new too

Keeping in contact with past clients can produce revenue that would have remained untapped so decide on your approach, take action to get back in touch


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