My answer “it only works if you know how to do it right”

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Too many times people try a bit of selling when they are nervous and untrained then they think it’s not for them and it doesn’t work.

Well I’m here to tell you that it does still work and is a fantastic way to connect with prospects, convert them into clients and build a relationship that keeps them coming back for more!

You don’t have to sell like a wolf though….

Most of us have watched the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” where this smart, young, fast paced salesman enters the room and literally smashes the sales targets, with a smooth, slick sales pitch that converts prospects at the drop of a hat. 

Back then, people were new to buying from salespeople and hearing someone with that type of enthusiasm lead them easily into a sale in just one call. 

That type of quick-fire sales tactic rarely works nowadays though, and whilst some of the words and techniques from the movie still stand today and can be integrated into your own conversations, times have changed and people are sick of one pitch calls, they are sceptical of the sleazy salesman trying to hit sales targets at any cost, and they can sniff out a sales call a mile off.

The Wolf of Wall Street is a great movie, but it also gives people the impression that this is how you need to be if you are going to be able to sell and, trust me it isn’t.

There is a new wave of selling that requires relationship building and this doesn’t usually happen in an instant, it can take time to build the trust with a prospect enough to convert them into a client. 

It’s great to be enthusiastic about your services but not to a point that makes it sleazy and uncomfortable for both you and the person buying from you.

What are the benefits of telesales?

Telesales when done correctly, allows you to open a conversation and begin to create relationships.

If you are calling a business with employees then it is an ideal way of making an initial contact and finding out who the decision maker is, there is no point discussing all the benefits of what you sell only to find out the person you are talking to doesn’t have the authority to make the purchase.

Once you get through to the decision maker you can ask that they allow you to introduce your services and if so usually using just a one-line introduction is the best option, tell them the business name and what your service is, unless you are invited to then this is not the time to pitch!

You first have to find out more and qualify the prospect by gently asking them questions around their business and delving a little deeper to see if there would be a need or desire for your service, from this you can decide the next move you are going to make based on how receptive the prospect is.

Usually a very first initial call can be quite short and just a little information is given by both parties, it’s the follow up calls where the work begins so having patience is key.

The sales process that works the best for converting prospects into long term clients is a measured approach and all about the relationship generally people still need to build that trust in you.

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If you’re one of those people who is absolutely petrified to pick up the phone and cold call, or even someone who really just isn’t that comfortable with it then it’s worth learning the skill.

So it’s kind of like a first date. First of all, it’s about just introducing what you have to offer and then over time, building up a relationship until you can actually settle down together and the prospect becomes your client.


Not everyone is confident with cold calling, but with the right training and learning confidence in sales, you can actually master the superpower called telesales and be control on the phone.


Eventually getting to a point where you can actually look forward to picking up the phone.


Once you have an enquiry from the prospect though it then becomes time to sell them your services and lots of people struggle with this part of the process, it can be all to easy to get the prospect to engage and take information from you but then you can struggle to get them over the line and convert them.

This is where I come in, I offer both 121 and Group sales training for those the really want to start converting prospects with ease, whether your completely new to sales or a seasoned professional looking to update your training, a sales training session will help you to understand how to convert more clients with ease.

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“My name is Sarah-Jayne Astral founder of the Leads to Sales Accelerator which was created for business owners who are amazing at what they do but need more clients.

I have owned various types of business and been at the the forefront of sales and marketing for over 25 years and now focus on helping business owners generate quality leads and convert those leads into sales.

But that’s not all, from there I show you how to put the right systems in place that will allow you time to do what you’re good at – delivering an excellent service – whilst knowing you have a consistent flow of prospects and a solid revenue stream”

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