It’s good to be prepared

Whenever you are discussing the details of the service you offer with a lead who perhaps hasn’t purchased from you before there will usually be lots of questions they will have about the price and how the service or product will work for them.

There will also be objections, these are reasons it may not work for them and they will want to discuss these reasons.

They may tell you they don’t know if they can afford it, that now may not be the right time or that they don’t feel the service or product is the right fit for them.

Lots of people can be sceptical about what you offer so it’s best to be prepared, most times an objection is usually just a request for more information.

Although some objections such as cost and length of commitment are more general, there are many objections that are specific to what you offer and your industry.

When you start out selling it’s easy to be in a position where a lead will explain to you why the service won’t work for them and because you have no answer to the objection you lose the sale, this can leave you feeling embarrassed and unprepared.

Over time you gradually learn to be prepared and developing a detailed list for the service or product you’re selling really helps.

Write a list of  potential objections could be

A great way to be prepared for a potential clients objections is to have an idea of what these may be, you can do this by making a list of objections you have encountered from previous discussions, then write these down in bullet points, add to them any objections you think you may encounter until you have a list of reasons people may object to what you offer.

A great way to find out what objections you may encounter is to ask friends and family what objections they think you may be presented with or perhaps even ask some of your existing clients what their concerns were when they came to make the purchase.

Alongside each concern that’s raised, think about how you would answer this to satisfy this objection.

Having this prepared means the next time you are in a meeting or on a call and discussing with the lead the benefits of what you offer and they counter you with their objection, you will be ready to answer any issues or queries they have.

This gives you confidence in your services and makes the conversation less awkward.

Anyone making a purchase, particularly in these challenging times will want to know that what they are buying is going to work for them and is worth the investment so handle these objections as they arise and give your lead confidence in you and your services.

You can’t be ready for everything

Even though you may have a list of objections and answers set out ready for the call or meeting there will always be times when someone throws you a curve ball and gives you an objection you never even thought of,  and this can happen to the best of us. If you have the answer and can think off the top of your head that’s great but if not then just let the person know you will look into it and get back to them, there is no shame in not having the answer they want at that exact moment and indeed, some people are glad that you will take the time to get them the information they need.

So if you are new to business and sales and want to be prepared for what questions and objections you may encounter then take time to have a think about what these may be.

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