Sales works best when you listen and spot the opportunities

This is a snip of a conversation I had with someone trying to introduce me to their product.

As you can see the conversation is him asking if I want to know more, me saying not right now, NO and him telling me he will give me a brief description and tell me more anyway!

Well, hell no!

He clearly wasn’t listening or worse still chose to ignore me and go ahead and try to tell me all about how fantastic his product is anyway and ended up coming across as the sort of sales rep we dread speaking to, the sort that can’t take no for an answer.

I then had to explain in my own special way that he has now lost me as a prospect as this is not the way to sell effectively as he clearly does not want to listen.

This is a common mistake called talking over the prospect, they tell you something and you either don’t listen properly or choose to ignore it as your in such a rush to tell them all about what you have to offer.

It alienates the prospect and they then dig their heels in and decide they won’t now buy from you regardless of what your selling or how cheap it is.

But did you spot what he could have done?

If you look at the conversation harder, you can see I did not say NO. What I actually said was “not right now, no”. This was effectively leaving the door open slightly but unfortunately, he couldn’t see how to step through.

He could have asked when it would be a more convenient time.

He could also of offered to send me an email to read at my leisure or asked if he could send me a link to his website, in fact so many different ways he could of kept me as a prospect.

So, my advice is

  1. Listen to your prospect
  2. Don’t talk over them
  3. Don’t ignore them
  4. Look for the open door

They may not be saying NO they may just be saying Not Now.

There is a lot of sales noise that prospects hear from all sorts of directions, your not the only one selling to them but don’t shout above the noise, you can get yourself heard better by standing out from the noise and approaching the client and listening, I mean really listening.

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