Here’s a big secret when it comes to sales…

Most people think it’s down to having the right kind of personality or being an extrovert.

Truth is, there is no magic and you don’t need to be extroverted either.

The real secret behind successful sales is having the right preparation and knowledge done beforehand so you can approach any call with complete confidence.

So, what preparation and knowledge do you need?

You first need to know that you are selling your services to the right prospects, you can find this out by looking them up online, checking their social media account or website if they have one and getting as much information about the prospect as possible before a call to ensure they are likely to want and need your services and that they can afford to buy from you too.

Familiarise yourself with your prospects and ensure that they are most likely to be your ideal client before getting on a sales call with them.

This way you’ll save yourself a lot of wasted time on calls to people that won’t ever buy from you.

Prepare your environment…

Make sure you have all the tools and information you might need during the call such as pens, notepads, prospect background notes etc.

Get ready for the call early and don’t forget to check your tech is working if you are on a 121 zoom call or similar, is your headset plugged in, is the volume on your speakers set to the right level and the camera is set up correctly?

There is nothing more annoying to a prospective client than when they get on a call eager to hear about the services on offer and the host turns up late and looking flustered, the microphone doesn’t seem to work and the camera is pointing at the ceiling, all of this can give an air of unprofessionalism about it.

Have a format for your discovery calls…

One of the best ways to run discovery calls is to have an outline for the call, you can choose how you want to open the call, the content of the call including the various elements of the service you provide such as the benefits, the cost and the outcome and how you want to close the call too.

Not every call with be the same and formatting your call hasn’t got to be regimented you can mix it up a bit, but by using a format you will be able to make sure you cover everything you need to during the call ensuring you have given all the information the prospect needs to make a decision.

Have your admin ready?

This is another extremely important element of a sales call that is often overlooked.

Many business owners make a sales call and then have to think about sending invoices, contracts, taking payment and moving both prospects and clients onto the next stage.

This can take up and awful lot of valuable time and cause delays in the prospect signing up if they are waiting for documents to be sent to them so what can you do to simplify this?

Automate it…

If you can then automate your administration so that after the call you can automatically move the prospect or client onto the next stage for example.

After a successful call with a prospect the hope would be that they then become a client, in which case you can automate the process of sending them a contract along with a link to make payment and then an invoice so that for your ideal client the process of buying from you is made as smooth and easy as possible.

After a call with a prospect that didn’t convert there should still be a process to move them onto the next stage, this may be to add them to an email list, diarise another call with them or message them at a later date.

Whatever the action and whether you convert the prospect or not, having your administration in place is crucial to making your sales process easy for the prospect the client and you.

Automation can take care of all of this for you allowing you time to concentrate on generating more leads and making more sales!

(If you’re not competent with setting these processes up then it is worth the cost if you can afford it to get help from a Virtual Assistant to set these processes up for you).

Get skilled….

There are 2 ways to get really skilled at sales,

The first is by trial and error, this involves sales call after sales call, learning as you go, trying to handle objections, working out how to present your services and most importantly learning to close the sale.

This method is time consuming and can do a business more harm than good as it can take many hours of prospect calls to learn the skill of professional sales.

The second way and by far the best is to get trained in the art of selling, once you have this skill it is with you for life and you will be able to sail through even the most challenging sales call with confidence and the ability to present your services, handle objections and close sales like a pro.

When you have done the preparation and have the knowledge and sales skills then selling becomes so much easier to do and then you are able to competently show your prospects the true value in the solution you are offering.

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“My name is Sarah-Jayne Astral founder of the Leads to Sales Accelerator which was created for business owners who are amazing at what they do but need more clients.

I have owned various types of business and been at the the forefront of sales and marketing for over 25 years and now focus on helping business owners generate quality leads and convert those leads into sales.

But that’s not all, from there I show you how to put the right systems in place that will allow you time to do what you’re good at – delivering an excellent service – whilst knowing you have a consistent flow of prospects and a solid revenue stream”

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