So here we are again, into the New Year already. 🎊🎊🎉

So many people are looking forward to next year with big plans, 😃 thinking about all the things they want to achieve over the course of the year.

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Whatever stage you’re at in your business we tend to all look at the start of a New Year as a time to press the reset button and push forward setting out plans, goals and achievements for the year and hoping they work out. 

You think about all the things you want to get sorted by the end of the year and as it’s such a long way off it seems like you have all the time in the world. Then a couple of months in, the shiny excitement of the New Year celebrations has worn off and then it just feels like any other year.

Long term goals 

When you set long term business goals it’s great to have a good idea of where you want to be in 12 months, it gives you something to aim at and you think of how your business and life will look if you achieve everything you want, but trying to remain highly focused for the entire year just isn’t realistic for most people and wondering why you didn’t achieve what you set out to do at the end of the year is not surprising as it’s easy to run out of steam after a few months and feel like you’re not getting ahead.

This type of long-term goal setting just doesn’t work for most people who prefer to press the reset button and go off like a rocket at regular intervals, most people struggle to keep up the momentum of a long term goal, the idea sounds great but the excitement doesn’t usually last

If this is you. it can leave you feeling fed up with every year ending up like all the rest but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Reverse engineer your year

You can try reverse engineering your year instead, this takes some careful planning but can produce really amazing results, to do this you take the year as a whole and decide on your long term goal, the things you want to achieve by the end of the following year then take the goal and break it down into monthly goals that would need to be completed each month to achieve the end result.

Planning intensely for one month at a time instead of vaguely for one year really can keep you focused and aiming in the right direction to achieve the things you’ve set out to do, but this month by month planning doesn’t mean just writing down goals each month then adjusting them.

Oh no, it’s way more focused intense than that!

Make it count

This type of planning is strategic, advanced and intense, it’s designed to focus the mind properly.

✅It’s planning in huge detail, including planning your day like clockwork to ensure the time you or or team spend working on each project is accounted for with a desired outcome.

✅Looking at what you are investing time in during the month, look at what results you are getting from it and whether it is worth the investment.

✅Deciding on where you are going to invest money or time, is there an area of the business you are struggling with or is it something new you want to implement, perhaps you want to generate more sales and maybe it’s time to invest in a coach.

✅But if you do a new course then set time aside to implement what you have learned, don’t waste the new knowledge you have gained.

✅Plan out every detail of what you expect to get done this month and when, then execute it.

✅Declutter clear out anything that isn’t moving you forward this can be anything from your environment or even those people you feel are holding you back.

It’s up to you

You decide what you want to get done this month, and how you want to do it.

Try just one month of real intense focus and give it all you’ve got, then towards the end of this time and just before the next month starts take a couple of days to look at your progress and plan for the next month to get massive focus and clarity on what you are trying to achieve then try a monthly reset for yourself and see what results you get.

Now go deeper

If setting monthly goals works for you and you want to go deeper then reverse engineer it again and break your months down into days and do the same again, drill down on where you spend your time each day, plan it out then execute it.

Plan every hour of each day and watch how much you get done, it keeps your eyes on the ball and allows you to properly spend time working towards the end goal with a clear vision in sight, this sort of planning isn’t for the faint hearted but the dividends it pays are real rewards.

It’s not all work 

Planning out this way where every hour has a purpose doesn’t mean it’s all about the work though, you also strategically plan time out to spend with friends and family, down time to relax and time for some interests outside of business that you may have, the great thing about planning structured time is the freedom it gives you, sounds counter intuitive but by allocating time to having fun you can relax and unwind properly knowing you have set this time aside to enjoy life with others and doing the things you get pleasure from,

Get ready to start plan out your next year month by month and see what results you get, even just a few months into the new year you should start to see how effective planning in this way can be.

Don’t wait

If you’re ready to make real progress now though, why wait till the New Year, you can literally start your monthly then daily planning today. There’s nothing stopping you from deciding what you want to achieve and outlining a plan to get there, create your plan then execute.

I’m starting mine right now


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