When you buy an important item whether that’s online or in a shop it is only natural to take the time to research your purchase first.


You might ask yourself…

  • Is it the right fit?
  • Is it the right price?
  • What happens if it’s not right, can you return it?
  • Will it do what you need it to do?
  • How long will it last? 

When parting with money it’s wise to do your research to make sure you have bought the right product after all, it’s an investment! 

This should be the same with finding new prospects for your business spending time researching to find out if they are the right fit for you and if they need or want what you have to offer.

However, when it comes to prospecting there are two main approaches you can use….

Spray and Pray -This is where you perhaps buy a list of prospects contact names and numbers and call or email everyone of them in the hope that all those hours will equate to a sale here and there.

Although you will cover a lot of ground, getting through the list at pace,prospecting in this way can also see you wasting a lot of time contacting companies that will have zero interest in what you are selling and won’t ever want or need your services.

Real prospect research gives you more time to talk to businesses that need your services, want your services, and most importantly can afford your services!

Proper B2B prospecting takes time to do but pays dividends and there are many ways to do your research, for example if you are prospecting businesses rather than individuals you can use some of the following tools to gain more knowledge about them:-

Website – Familiarise yourself with what they do or sell and how you can fit in, maybe even find out which competitor they use already, their website telephone number may have +44 which makes it likely they sell overseas this can all be useful information depending on what product or service you sell, do they have a shopping cart, perhaps they have an Ecom facility or maybe they need one!

Google maps – If location is important then view them on google maps, are they in your area, is their business near some others that you can ask to refer you, or are they located near a business that you may want to approach at a later date.

LinkedIn– reach out and connect with them and if it’s accepted send them a short but sweet message just to introduce yourself and your services.

Facebook – See what things they are interested in, may be that you have some things in common you can mention later when you have been chatting for a while, you may be able to get a good idea of their age, family, friends, hobbies, interests and groups they are part of.

This is the difference a bit of research can make:-

Option 1 – Spray and pray
You have found a business, you have a phone number so you go to call them and on the first call and further calls to come you spend time establishing, decision maker names, do they have a need for what you are offering, can they afford you, what is their location etc.

Option 2 – Doing your research
Instead of contacting a company you know nothing about, imagine incorporating a bit of research and ringing a company that you have done your research on.

You know has been established for 20+ years and is financially stable.

You have the owners name and are connected on LinkedIn they are also connected to one of your existing clients too.

On Google maps you can see their business premises is on an Industrial estate, and they own a small retail shop on the high street too.

 You can see your prospect is near 3 other businesses you would also like to approach.

On the website the product or service they are using is being supplied by a competitor you know of and is similar to what you offer you can also see how much they retail it for, therefore you know you can save them money and still make good margin.

From Facebook you can see your prospect is a 50-year-old married businessman with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a passion for biking.

You have now built up a great picture of this prospect and are confident to approach him knowing you can offer a great product or service at a lower price, so no time wasted.

These are just some of the ways to research business prospects but there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that you are speaking to a real prospect that you can build a relationship with and introduce your services to and hopefully keep them for the long term and you are more likely to get your invoices paid too!

Research doesn’t have to be as indepth as this, but even doing a little digging into the prospect can ensure that you are at least talking to someone that is likely to want or need your services.

Taking the time to research really can be worth the effort!

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