Make sure your client know what’s expected of them to get the desired results?¬†


It is very easy to get so excited about a new prospect that you can forget to tell them what is expected of them to get the results they are looking for.

In my area of expertise sales and business development is something that I can produce and train and will happily offer 121 training courses for my clients.

However, I also make it very clear that I can give them all the coaching in the world but if they then do not actively put it into practise then it will not work.

Just taking a sales course doesn’t make you a sales person until you take action.

Similarly, just reading a book about cooking won’t make you a chef!

It is very important to ensure whatever service you offer that the client understands what is required of them to get the results they want, this is often overlooked,

An example of this is someone asks for a website to be built, the web developer does it and it looks amazing, however, the client doesn’t promote it, therefore no one sees it and it gets little or no interaction, but the client blames the developer as they promised an amazing website that will attract new clients but forgot to tell the client it would need promoting first.

Or the fitness trainer who promises you will lose 10lb’s by the end of the month and the client signed up and only did half of the workouts and still expected results so blames the fitness trainer, but the fitness trainer didn’t check in to see how they were doing.

So take time to be clear about what you offer, particularly if your service is ongoing and be clear about what action the potential client needs to take too

Don’t over promise

This is another area that I see people fall down, they can be so eager to get a client signed up that they promise unrealistic outcomes in short spaces of time then when the client uses the service they don’t see the results they were guaranteed which then causes an issue.

Take some time to be clear about what you offer, particularly if your service is ongoing

Ensure the client understands their responsibility to see it through to the end.

Check in with them regularly at agreed intervals if the service is ongoing.

Iron out any issues that occur along the way.

If the client isn’t putting in the work required to get the results they need then reinforce to them that they won’t achieve the desired outcome.

Being clear about the outcome and the steps to take to get there will inevitably ensure a smoother journey for the client and a happier result all round

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