106. How to Build Trust Through Authenticity

Facebook Linkedin In today’s digital age, where social media platforms showcase a curated reel of luxurious lifestyles and seemingly unattainable successes, it’s becoming increasingly important to cut through the noise and embrace a fundamental value: honesty. The pervasive phenomenon of individuals flaunting their extravagant possessions, exotic vacations, and opulent residences can often be misleading, and […]

92. Make every sales call count

Facebook Linkedin Every time you have a call with a potential client, you have an opportunity to make an impression, they may or may not be ready for what you sell today, but you want to make sure that if and when they are that they think of you first and there’s a few things you […]

79. Why you shouldn’t fear competition and what you should do instead…

Facebook Linkedin Have you ever been told to ignore the competition and focus only on what you’re doing? Perhaps you’ve deliberately avoided studying them, fearing that it might lead to self-doubt or an unfavourable comparison. Many people advise against worrying about what the competition is doing. But in reality getting to know your competition actually […]

83. There is no magic pill for getting the work done

Facebook Linkedin So here’s the thing…. From time to time you get on a call with a prospect and they want to know the outcome of the services you offer, how quickly will it work, what results are they likely to see and what guarantee you have that it will work for them. It’s easy […]

99. Why you should get in touch with your past clients

Facebook Linkedin Generating new leads and converting new prospects is a never ending journey for business owners No sooner have you signed someone up and then you have to be on to the next person, constantly thinking of ways to get your services in from of your ideal client Whether your are marketing online or […]