122. Embracing Your Work Style: Steady Pace or Manic Rush?

Facebook Linkedin When it comes to productivity, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that suits everyone. The question of whether to embrace a steady and paced work routine or to dive into a frenzied burst of activity has intrigued many individuals across various walks of life. Most would argue that taking breaks and maintaining a consistent workload […]

130. Don’t lose focus

Facebook Linkedin Disappearing down the rabbit hole is easy if you don’t have a plan of action Sometimes it is easy to get distracted, Amazon knock the door with a delivery, a notification goes off on your phone, or you just start scrolling through social media In a busy world it is easy to lose focus and […]

How to plan for the year ahead

Facebook Linkedin So here we are again, into the New Year already. So many people are looking forward to next year with big plans, thinking about all the things they want to achieve over the course of the year. Whatever stage you’re at in your business we tend to all look at the start of […]