114. Only the right practice can make perfect

Facebook Linkedin Practicing a skill can make it perfect but only if you are practicing it in the right way, every new skill you learn has to be used again and again to be able to get to a point where you excel in it.     There are very few people who are just […]

86. Master the art of client conversion

Facebook Linkedin Are you ready to unlock your selling potential?  Selling is an art that extends far beyond the words we speak. To truly excel in the world of business and consistently convert clients it helps to understand the essential elements that will empower you to become better at sales. From identifying the right prospects […]

127. Stop selling and start introducing

Facebook Linkedin It’s time to stop selling. Stop the hardcore, high pressure sales tactics that we’ve see on Wolf of Wall Street. People are savvy now; they can spot a sales pitch a mile off and generally don’t want to hear it. What most people think of when they think of selling…   When it […]