93. Stop selling, start listening to convert more clients

Facebook Linkedin It’s time to stop selling, yes you heard that right!   We’ve all seen the hardcore, high pressure sales tactics like those of the Wolf of Wall Street.   People are savvy now; they can spot a sales pitch a mile off and they don’t want to hear it.   I get fed […]

92. Make every sales call count

Facebook Linkedin Every time you have a call with a potential client, you have an opportunity to make an impression, they may or may not be ready for what you sell today, but you want to make sure that if and when they are that they think of you first and there’s a few things you […]

87. The great social media crash

Facebook Linkedin Do you remember the great social media crash a while back when FB stopped working out of the blue and with no warning? It happened minutes after I posted, hope it wasn’t me that broke it!!! It was interesting to hear how much business was lost, how many people conduct business on social […]

83. There is no magic pill for getting the work done

Facebook Linkedin So here’s the thing…. From time to time you get on a call with a prospect and they want to know the outcome of the services you offer, how quickly will it work, what results are they likely to see and what guarantee you have that it will work for them. It’s easy […]