87. The great social media crash

Facebook Linkedin Do you remember the great social media crash a while back when FB stopped working out of the blue and with no warning? It happened minutes after I posted, hope it wasn’t me that broke it!!! It was interesting to hear how much business was lost, how many people conduct business on social […]

130. Don’t lose focus

Facebook Linkedin Disappearing down the rabbit hole is easy if you don’t have a plan of action Sometimes it is easy to get distracted, Amazon knock the door with a delivery, a notification goes off on your phone, or you just start scrolling through social media In a busy world it is easy to lose focus and […]

128. Tips to make the most of your website

Facebook Linkedin Most businesses no matter how large or small have a website, whether it’s a one-page website or something a bit fancier with various pages of content, but how do you make the most of your website and what are some of the key things you can do to improve your traffic and content. […]